The following candidates have been nominated to the 2018 Fredericton Branch Council:

Chair Diana Loomer, P.Geo.
Vice-Chair Phil Lamey, P.Eng.
Treasurer Melissa Dawe, P.Eng.
Secretary Christina Varner, P.Eng.
Past Chair
Councilor Sean Bartlett, P.Eng.
Councilor Kevin Beattie, P.Eng./P.Geo.
Councilor Alain Cormier, P.Eng.
Councilor Bill Lamey, P.Eng.
Councilor Jeff Lenehan, P.Eng.
Councilor Melissa Steeves, P.Eng.
Councilor Peter Wedge, P.Eng.
Councilor Adam Young, P.Eng.
Communications Jonathan Keizer, P.Eng.
Base Representative Capt Markland Ledoux
Provincial Representative Jean-Frédéric Lalonde, P.Eng.
Provincial Representative Spencer Devereaux, P.Eng.
EUS VP Engineering Student Rep Dalton Killhorn